The Lands of Reminiscence

Informations and Download:

The map contain various custom landscapes: mountains, taiga, waterfalls, plains, swamp, jungle islands, desert, canyon, rivers and lakes, glaciers, etc... If you explore the landscapes, you must know that there is dozens of hidden places in the map. It can be a chest containing emeralds, a small cave with monsters, or even a NPC living alone and who provides interesting trades.

There are 5 custom villages. Each one is different from the other: you will find different trades, plantations, and house styles. The NPC trades are custom, allowing you to buy and sell basic resources, but also potions, enchanted equipments, a map of the region, and even construction materials.

There are 6 custom dungeons. Each one have a specific theme and contains a godly equipment and resources as reward. You will need to be prepared to beat the custom mobs that protect them. The access to the End is also customized. It's an underground tower of 8 levels, where the difficulty is increase. If you succeed to go at the end of it, I wish you good luck for battle against the Ender dragon.