This website is dedicated to my personal Minecraft maps. If you don't know it yet, Minecraft is a video game developed by Mojang. You can purchase the game on their official website, Minecraft.net. But you surely already know what Minecraft is.

What about me ?

I'm a French student who spends a part of his free time in the making of Minecraft maps. As a lot of player, I fell in love with this game that offer a lot of possibilities for creation. Personally I prefer to create maps that can be played by other players rather than aesthetic only maps. That's why I've made custom maps allowing me to express my personal taste for the making of landscapes, but also totally playable for other players.

Last summer I've release my first playable map, The Forgotten Land. I've been surprised by the quick notoriety that the map won. One year passed and there was more than 150.000 downloads according to MediaFire, a lot of LPs (let's play) on Youtube and even servers hosting my map. A few months ago, I've decided to continue to make Minecraft maps and I've recently released a new one: The Lands of Reminiscence. This new map keeps the same spirit than the first one: a large open world with custom landscapes and dungeons, but also villages with custom trades.

What will you find in this website ?

This website allows you to easily find my creations, and the informations about their making. The Maps section will show you the maps I've made and the Tools section will inform you about the softwares and the techniques used for the creations. At the moment, there is only two maps available (each one with tens hours of play) but more are coming.

This is my first website. If you have a problem that I haven't seen, feel free to use the Contact section to send me an email. I would reply soon as I can, and I will try to fix the issue.